The “McGill GLSA Research Series” is an annual publication after the Graduate Law Student Association (GLSA) Conference. As the conference is organised under a different theme every year, the theme of the publication will also change accordingly, apart from a section devoted to international law. In addition to the yearly publication, the “Research Series” also hopes to provide a space for publication of ‘Special issues’, devoted to the publication of proceedings after other events co-organised by the GLSA or with participation of McGill Law graduate students.

The “McGill GLSA Research Series” was launched in early 2021 out of the initiative of Mirosław Michał Sadowski, a DCL candidate at the Faculty of Law, McGill University and the Head of the Annual GLSA Conference Committee, as a much needed space for law graduate students to share their research with the broader audience. The effort of Christopher Whitehead and Upasana Dasgupata, at the time also DCL candidates, which led to the publication of the 2017 GLSA Conference proceedings in the “Special Issue of the Revue québécoise de droit international/Quebec Journal of International Law” (December 2019) also needs to be underlined, as it played a key role in the prompting of the search for a permanent home for the post-GLSA conference publication.

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